Care is everything we do to sustain, revive, and repair ‘our world’ so that we can live in it as well as possible (Mattern).

The practice is a strategy towards renewed sense of belonging for all. Through fieldwork which has been a practice of how to practice, the architect’s role is questioned. The “Master master planners” are known to increase the supermodern condition (Ibelings), where lavishness of space, signs, and individualism make up a world without grounding. Humans are endlessly showered with information and our territories expand because of augmented mobility. Meanwhile space itself is being reduced to zones without meaning, in which we do not care to stop and look around. Places where we can meet each other based on shared interests and values are fewer. Space lacks meaning, places are now non-places (Augé) because a place in the anthropological sense means somewhere which humans feel an attachment to.

CASE: Can an outdated airport (Tempelhof Flughafen) which used to serve us the hyperglobal-citizen-of-the-world-narrative provide something hyperlocal instead?

interior // art // architecture // activism


How do you imagine the architect’s role?